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BC Science 10

Posted on: July 14, 2009

Here is a list of notes, reference, review material, and sample exams for Science 10.


Study Material


Balancing Equations



Sample Exams

The latest practice provincials (2008 – 2009) from the British Columbia Ministry of Education are available here:

Note: The BC Ministry has removed all released exams that pertain to the old Science 10 curriculum, so there are currently no “old” exams available for download.

Exam Specifications

All of the LATEST Science 10 exam specifications can be downloaded from here:

Prescribed Learning Outcomes – Also called curriculum connections, these list the learning outcomes that are tested. For the purpose of the exam, bulleted explanations have been added to the learning outcomes to help clarify specific parts of the curriculum to aid in the writing of exam questions. Note that some learning outcomes are shaded. Shaded outcomes will not be tested on the provincial exam, although they are still part of the course.
Table of Specifications – outlines how the curriculum is organized and the shows percentage of the test devoted to each part of the curriculum.
Cognitive Levels – explains the three levels of understanding that the test questions are pitched at.
Exemplars for Question Styles – Lists the five different types of questions used on the exam and gives some examples of each.
Vocabulary List – 31 specialized words that will appear on the exam from time to time.
Calculator Policy – details regarding what you can have on your calculator, and what you cannot.

(source: BC Ministry Science 10 Provincial Examination Page)

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